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How to choose the Indian wedding card

The wedding card selection and managing it is a time taking process that you have to concentrate on it before the marriage ceremony, like for example you start the wedding card work a month before the marriage, because if you do it later on then you have to face the circumstances that you are going to mess up with the guests list and at the end time you forgot to invite many of the people due to the shortage of time, there are many things on which you have to concentrate. But some of the main points are as follows:

Choose according to your rituals:

The main and important thing is that you have to keep in mind your religion, culture, rituals and traditions. Because all of the castes have different ways of celebrating the marriage ceremony and the traditions are also different from one another. The wedding cards are easily available according to your wish and requirement, you can easily select the one you need and which represents your religion and norms. Like for example the Indian wedding cards Canada are offering you the wedding cards that are especially designed for the Indian wedding, because Indians have a total different way of celebrating the traditions of marriage, so as their wedding cards are also different from other castes, the main difference is of the language used, there are many languages that exists between the Indian culture. Not only can anyone language represent the Indians. Like for example only can know the meaning of the card written in their language, the south of India speaks different language and the wedding cards are available according to their rituals and also the language.


Choose according to your requirements:

The requirements mean here is that you have to set your budget, according to your need. In mostly Indian wedding the crowd is too big and there are many of them whom you do not even invited; it is the culture of Indian wedding that you have to invite all of them whom you just even know, according to this you have to make the list of the people whom you are going to invite. If the list is of many people then go for the simple and affordable wedding cards like available on Cheap Indian Wedding Cards, they are offering you the wedding cards according to your budget.


The other thing is that if you have a small list of the people and you can afford the luxurious cards then you can go for Indian wedding cards UK that are providing you with the luxurious Indian wedding cards just on your fingertips, the most preferable thing about them is that you can get your desired design anywhere in abroad. Because mostly it is difficult to have the desired Indian traditional cards in abroad, just you have to pick a design and place an order and you will get your desired order on time and without any mistakes.

Looking for latest salwar suit?? Read on!


Are you one of those women who looks forward to a reason to wear a salwar kameez? But when it actually comes to wearing it to an event you are clueless because you don’t know the kind of salwar suit which will best suit you.  Well, if the answer is yes then you must read the below-given tips which will help you choose the best possible salwar suit.

Every individual has a unique body type and hence to make sure you look good in your chosen attire you must have a good understanding of your flaws and your positive points. So, you must select such fabric for the salwar suit which will compliment you. For women with heavier lower body a salwar suit can be a perfect piece of clothing but a wrong choice of fabric can prove to be disastrous.  If you are on the fuller side look for ligther n flowy fabrics which would include  soft silk, georgette, crepe and so on. On the contrary, if you are thin you need to chose such a fabric which will give you some volume. Then pick up salwar suit made for material like raw silk, khadi cotton, art silk , jute, etc.

With changing times, the market trend for salwar suits has also changed and more and more women have been seen wearing leggings and bottom made of fabrics which are stretchable like lycra. So, when you opt for such option you need to make sure it does not highlight your bluges and your extra skin around ur thighs and claves.

The design of the salwar suit should be such that you not just feel lovely wearing it but you are comfortable and confident in it. Hence, for flabby arms avoid mega or sleeveless kameez. For heavy chested fitted york and too much of embroidery in the neckline is a bad idea. Anarkali salwar kameez is apt for women of almost any kind of body type.

For pear shaped body opt for churidars instead of patiala salwars as the latter can make your bottom look heavier. For lean women short kurtis with flared  bottoms or Patiala salwar is a good idea.  But if you are short then go for a long kurta which is at least an inch longer below your knees. You could team it up with a legging, jeggings  or jeans for an indo-western look.  Remember, wearing a legging or a very tight bottom with a short kameez can make you look vulgar if you are overweight.

There can be times when you have  lack of choices or you are unable to gauge which kind of salwar kameez is ideal for you then you should choose a simple straight cut salwar kameez.

You could surf through the internet as you can see the wide range of latest salwar suits easily there. You can even have a chat conversation with the e-store’s representative to clear doubt, ask about the salwar suit you like . The pieces of the online stores are explained in great details along with their image, which helps to make your shopping experience a pleasure.


How to Put Together a Perfect Wedding Album

There is so much talk about the shots that are a must-have for wedding albums but the question is once you get all the beautiful photos, how do you go about creating a perfect photo album? A wedding album is more like a wedding dress because it is meant to be enjoyed and looked at, at the same time.

In the same manner, photography by focus leverages on art to capture your wedding images; there is also an art to assembling the photos once you have them back. Below are some of the tips to help you put together your dream album.

Single Out Your Absolute Favorites

Instead of being stuck with what should be in the album, it is a high time you went for your favorites. Remember your album is an emotional record and not a technical masterpiece. Pick the photos you strongly feel you can’t live without because that is what will make your best collection.

Sometimes, you may find pictures that you never intended them to be captured in the way they were such as the veil being blown off in the wind or someone’s expression that was unintentionally captured. This is what makes wedding photos exciting.

Allow the Photos to Speak for Themselves

Thanks to the digital age, you can now use a lot of tricks to layout your album. However, if not used properly, digital album layouts can create lots of visual clutter. A good photograph is the one that stands on its own and your layout should be as simple as two pictures per spread. A good album layout tip is to put a vertical image on one page and a horizontal image stretching across two pages.

Observe Chronological Order

Usually, ceremony photos go before reception shots and the after party pictures. Observing this chronology helps you create a flow that connects the activities as they were happening. It makes the album a storyline that you can share with your friends.

This is not to say that you can’t start the album with an amazing image of the two of you taken later in the day. However, try to balance such exceptions so that they don’t distort your album.

Go For More Color

If your wedding was colorful, capitalize on the aspect of color. This is because color helps communicate a message and when it pops out, it captures the eye. If on the other hand the wedding didn’t have much color, leverage on the black and white and make it a classic album. You can also intermix to create color variation.

Let Your Photos Represent the Big Ceremony Moments

There are must-have shots such as the exchange of rings and vows, the kiss, and when the bride or groom is walking down the aisle. These images are very important and you can’t afford to overlook them. They create substance in your wedding album.

Do not delay ordering your album. The earlier you order it, the better for you. With the help of your photographer, you can draft a dream layout and pick on extra photos to help create the flow.

Smartwatch Vs Luxury Watch- Which way to go?


Though smartwatches have been on the docket for years now, it wasn’t until there lease of the Apple smartwatch in April 2015, that the era of ‘wear ables’ really dawned on us. With its launch, the worlds of traditional watchmaking and electronic technology collided heads-on.What happened next is history in the making; huddle up, and listen closely!

How the World Reacted to Smartwatches

Hallmarked one of the biggest phenomena (or at the very least, the coolest new tech fad) of the decade, the smartwatch went on to whip up quite a sensational debate. Some were quick to pronounce it as the final nail in the coffin for traditional watches. On the other hand, the conservatives were equally confident that the smart watch was just a trifling blip that didn’t challenge the supremacy of traditional watches.

Long story short, the geeks and the old-timers had it out good. But while spectators gave their two cents about the matter, luxury watch makers had their own responses.

How Luxury Watchmakers Reacted to Smartwatches

Some top brands chose to hitch a ride on the smartwatch bandwagon, and came out with their very own smartwatches –100 points for monetising on the trend!You can look to top Rolex Watches Stores like Ethos Watch Boutiques for the available models in India. Others went in for a more modest approach, by enhancing their timepieces to incorporate smart digital gimmicks. Both routes seem perfectly sensible on the face value of the success of smartwatches.

But, no matter what majority of high-end watchmakers are up to, it all fades away when what we’re really wondering is, where does the mother of all luxury brands, Rolex, stand on the matter?

How Rolex Reacted to Smartwatches


So what does Rolex have to say? The question is yet unanswered, and I’ve got to say, I’m not surprised. Rolex is the biggest watch brand in the history of the timekeeping; and all things considered, the thing is, Rolex watches are special.And they always will be, irrespective of new players in town. Rolex holds its own.

The world of watchmaking may be a pretty complicated affair, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if Rolex is comfortably choosing not to partake in the smartwatch sensation, then they’ve got to have a pretty valid reason. So, let’s go revisit the question at hand, here: are smartwatches a threat to traditional luxury watches? In the case of high-end luxury watchmakers like Rolex, the answer is simply: NO.

What you really need to know about the smartwatches vs. traditional luxury watches dialogue is that… there is none. Smartwatches & traditional luxury watches do not cater to the same audience.

Whether you’re on the pro-smartwatch team or the pro-traditional watch brigade, the reality of the matter is that you’re not fighting the same battle at all.

The success or failure of the smartwatch does not directly affect traditional luxury watches, simply because the market for each is different. Same as you won’t find a super tech-savvy teenager going in for a top line traditional model, your typical luxury watch wearer is surely not going to be drowned in the latest tech wave and trade up their bonafide Rolex for a smartwatch.

But then you’re wondering if smartwatch sales are skyrocketing, then who’s wearing them, if not your regular watch wearers? There’s a straightforward answer for that too. Smartwatches are finding comfortable footing among those who do not generally adorn wristwatches at all –the breed of people who’d rather check the time on their smartphone, or consider it a mere utilitarian device.For such folk, a smartwatch is ultimate tech salvation. Think about it, a smartwatch basically mimics all the functionalities of a smartphone or a computer –making it a ‘wearable’ piece of advanced technology, the perfect accessory for the otherwise naked wrist!

On the other hand, traditional watch-lovers form a niche community held together by a shared love, admiration, respect and regard for the bona fide timepiece. The smart watch would not enter their radar of consideration because the value they attach with a traditional time piece goes beyond the technical benefits or lure, to something much bigger than the smartwatch vs. traditional watch challenge. It’s a love affair that just doesn’t seem likely to call it quits.

All in all, wearers of smartwatches& traditional luxury watches are typically mutually exclusive. So, Rolex is right in their stance thus far, because the market for high-end Rolex watches continues to thrive today through their exclusive boutiques and online retailers such as Ethos Watch Boutiques.

To sum up, luxury watchmakers have loyal clientele, rendering high-end brands virtually unaffected by emerging trends. But at the same time, smart watches are a big deal, and we’re all curious to see how the story unfurls over time. But at the end of the day, I’ve got to say, as much as I love me the latest gadget on the market, when it comes to keeping time, ain’t anything like a good ol’ Rolex!

How to Score a Job in the Fashion Industry After College

Finding work after NEC Online or Hofstra University is tough, especially when you’re in a career field that many other graduates are in. This is definitely the case for any college grads pursuing a fashion career. There are thousands of grads each year across the nation, which only increases your competition. The key is to have faith in your skill and work on showcasing it for potential employers to see.

The first thing you need to address is the idea that loving fashion and working in the industry are two different things. It’s more than shopping around for items – it’s a lot of careful planning and hard work. Many long hours are dedicated each day to get to witness success in this field. It’s great to have a passion for fashion, just don’t mistake it for a walk in the park. It’s not always easy transforming a passion into a full-time job. Sometimes, this can suck the fun right out of it.

So let’s get into what you can do to improve you chances of landing a fashion job after college.

Consider Your Available Options

There are many different job positions you can pursue in the fashion industry. Runway clothes designer or boutique owner aren’t the only ones. You can design your own clothes items to be sold in department stores or you can write for a fashion magazine (or even become the editor). It’s good to consider multiple options, so you don’t stick yourself in a box you can’t get out of. It’s better to work somewhere in your industry than to be picky and end up working as a cashier at a grocery store.

Become an Intern

This is one of the best ways to get your foot in the door. Many interns get hired by the companies they intern for, if positions are available and they prove themselves. Either way, you can take that experience with you to other potential employers. Companies like to hire people who have some working experience under their belt, so you can use this to your advantage. Don’t feel bad if the internship you get isn’t the role you wanted. If you have to get coffee, fax papers and make copies, then do it. You can still observe what’s happening around you and get an idea of how a fashion-oriented company is ran.

Perfect Your Portfolio

Aside from having a killer resume and cover letter, you need to have a portfolio that speaks volumes about your skills. It’s a good idea to have different portfolios based on the position you’re going after. For instance, if you have designs for runway shows, then keep that separate from the urban designs you have for department stores. You should have a physical copy of your portfolio, as well as one that’s online. It’s more convenient to tell someone a Web address they can look up later – this works when you’re attending networking events or bump into people while out and about. Make a business card with your contact info and portfolio URL on it.

4 Benefits of Studying Fashion Design Abroad

Fashion is one of the most exciting, thrilling and challenging fields. If you go to school now to get your degree in fashion, by the time you graduate there will be a lot of job possibilities available to you. Not only can you start your own brand, you could also join the ranks of a major fashion label or a heritage brand. There are many heritage brands, especially in Europe, where most of the high-end labels, like Chanel and Louis Vuitton, originated. This is why you may want to think of studying abroad for part or all of your time in fashion school. There are a lot of unique benefits you can get from studying fashion in another country – from being able to collaborate with other fashion designers to the possibility of landing a job with one of the brands that you intern with. Here are four benefits of studying fashion design abroad.

  1. Experience Fashion from the Perspective of Different Cultures

One of the biggest benefits of studying fashion design abroad is that you will get to experience fashion from the perspective of different cultures. Indeed, each culture has its own way of making and experiencing fashion. You could even study in a few different countries to really broaden your experience level.

  1. Broaden Your Chances of Finding a Job

Of course, if you spend time going to Maryville University or Syracuse University – not to mention all the money you are going to invest – you sort of expect to find a job after college. When you travel abroad, you can greatly boost the probability of becoming an intern and then working your way up to a paying job. The truth of the matter is that there aren’t a lot of fashion jobs in Syracuse – unless of course you wan to work in a small boutique. However, if you want to go to where all the action is, you’ll want to go to a city like London, Paris or Milan.

  1. Make Friends with Other Fashion Designers

Another benefit of traveling abroad is that you will get to be in the presence of likeminded people. In a travel abroad fashion program, you will be around a number of people that are not only the same age as you, but also people that have the same aspirations in the fashion industry. This can make things so much more exciting. Instead of sticking around your hometown where people have more local ambitions, you can be around people with global ambitions.

  1. Break Up the Monotony of Your Fashion Studies

On top of everything, you want to break up the monotony of fashion school, because it can get pretty boring if you have to stay in one place. By traveling to a different country and then coming back, it can breathe new life into your motivations. Spending just a semester abroad can show you that there is a whole world out there. In the end, it can also give you more of a push to work for something bigger, which is really what having ambition is all about.

Shopping for kurtis gets as easy as ABC

images (11)

Kurtis add the kind of zing to one’s personality that every woman desires. They not only look amazing but also out-and-out traditional. Hence, when you slip into a kurti, you look stylish and traditional both at the same time. So, if you desire to appear traditionally beautiful then a kurti is all you need. Most women team them up with jeans, but in case you loathe looking too routine, then you can complement your kurti with a long skirt.  The latter combination is quite a rage these days, and women all over India have taken to this look quite enthusiastically.

Because kurtis are so versatile, you can never have enough of them in your wardrobe. The more you have, the better it is. They are suitable for almost all kinds of occasions- formal, casual and semi-formal. All you need is a good sense of style and you are sure to turn heads. So, what makes you wait? Just head to the market, shell out some cash and bring home an enviable collection of kurtis. Get as many colours as you want. Also try to maintain variety in terms of designs. With so many kurtis at your disposal, you will never run out of clothing choices for any occasion. However, if you think the market has less variety to offer you, you can browse through online shopping sites.

There is no dearth of designer kurtis online.  All you need is some spare time to spend with your computer and you are good to go. If you are wondering why you should purchase your kurti online then read on to find out the benefits of shopping for kurtis from web sources.

First and foremost, you get a larger variety online. And this is obvious because online shopping sources are not constrained by space. With more variety at your disposal, you are able to make a better pick.

Another important benefit is that you can choose from a large number of brands, that too without browsing through different sites. Popular shopping sites stock items from a large number of brands making it easy for customers to pick products from their favourite brands.

Another important benefit that you get is reduction in price. Most shopping sites offer lucrative discounts on almost all products. So, if you are shopping for kurtis then chances are that you will find them at a much lower cost than their original price. This is something that has made online shopping a sure shot hit among consumers.  Sometimes, such interesting offers are run which make your consecutive visits to a particular site more likely. For instance, coupons are provided that help you get discounts on your next purchase from a particular site.

There is another benefit of shopping for kurtis online- you save on a lot of time. When you hit the market and scout around for likeable products, you waste a lot of time. This doesn’t happen with online shopping. With all these benefits, you certainly can’t ignore the potential of websites as a great source of shopping.


The sassy nightwear collection

Sexy is the new cool. Sass is the new sexy. If you have already decided to look at your sexiest best, then why compromise in terms of your old boring and outdate nightwear collection? You can sass it up too. Moreover, it’s the time to make it sexy and sassy as ever. After all, your partner demands you to look sensuous and sexy in bed. These days, the trend of wearing the most sensuous and sexy nightwear has hit the minds of several modern women. Why not, everyone has the right to look hot and sexy. The nightwear online collection available on the online lingerie and nightwear stores will help you in choosing the sexiest and the most sensuous nightwear collection ever. Their collection is so hot that it will end up blowing your mind and you will end up buying the whole stock.

Live your sensuous desires:

Nightwear online collection is hot as well. Whoever claimed that the nightwear ladies collection has to be boring has never visited these online lingerie and nightwear stores. The nightwear collection here is sumptuous and hot. As you start exploring the nightwear collection on these online stores, you will come across a variety of super hot nightwear and night gowns. From the satin night gowns to the lacey slips, from the flirty night dresses to the super sexy baby dolls, there collection has it all. The collection at these online stores include hot nightwear and sexy sleepwear also featuring the sexy camisole sets, hot lounge robes and super comfortable nightwear collection that will end up making you look sexy and sassy at the same time. There are different patterns, different shapes and sizes, different colors, different styles and what not.

It’s the time to heat up the night:

The voluptuous sexy nightwear range is what all you need to turn your men on. The see through lingerie, the uber lacy and sexy nighty, the honeymoon gowns, the sensuous babydoll dresses will certainly turn your man on. You can have a wide access to all these sensuous dresses and nightwear on a single click. The online lingerie and nightwear stores entertain the sale of the most sensuous nightwear collection ever. The collection is not only sensuous, but comfortable too. There are different categories and collections like night lingerie gowns, sexy mesh dresses, the glamorous and superhot robes, honeymoon and bridal night gowns, exclusive collection for your first night, sensuous night maxi dresses and a lot more. It’s the right time you buy these dresses and nightwear. It’s the right time you heat up the night.

These online lingerie stores apart from carrying out the sale of different kinds of sexy nightwear also entertain the sale of many other essentials that would heat up the special moments in between you and your partner. Thus, the wait is over. The pleasure-some moments are a single click away. You only need to visit these stores and explore their super sexy collections of nightwear and lingerie. You are just a click away.

Dress carefully and flaunt the party

Dressing is among one of the most complicated tasks as you need to keep various things in mind, like you are required to select the dress, accessories and make up etc. In case of wrong combinations, your outlook may be spoiled. Thus, it is advisable to give time before dressing for any of the party or the event.


If you want to look your best in the upcoming event then there are various things that you need to keep in mind. First thing that you need to consider is your body shape, you must select the dress as per your body shape. Remember that every body shape has some assets to enhance and few pitfalls to hide. Thus, focus on enhancing your assets by a perfect dress of your body shape. For example, for Apple body shape fuller skirt and an empire shaped dress is the best choice while for hourglass body shape strapless or the two piece dress is the best choice.

Know the dress for your body shape

You can easily get to know your body shape on web. There are many sites which allow you to calculate your body shape and all you need to do is to feed in few of the measurements of your body correctly. You can easily get the dress for every shape on web at any hour of the day, so you can easily order the dress as and when you need. In addition to this, you can also grab Paytm coupons and make your purchases the cost effective one.

Theme your dress with perfect accessories

Accessories play a major role in enhancing your look. Select the accessories in accordance with your dress and occasion. If you going to wear one piece then a flat clutch is good enough and select the color of your purse in accordance to the color of your dress. You can also opt for purchasing the bags of general colors like black, white etc. which complement the dress of every color. Remember to consider each and every accessory right from your neck piece to the sandal. If, your dress is having heavy neck embroidery then only earrings is the best choice or you can go for a sleek chain. If you want to show off your status then you can opt for extraordinary accessories like diamond embedded purse, jewel embedded dress etc. For a better jewelry tutorial you can visit web page.

Opt for correct make-up

In addition to the dress and accessories, make up also plays a very important role in enhancing your look. Select your make up in accordance to the colors of your dress, or opt for common colors. In addition to this, consider the occasion and the time of the event before applying the makeup. If it is a official day event, then a light day make up is what you need, while in case if you are going to attempt the wedding party at night then a heavy vibrant make up should become your choice. While applying makeup ensure that it does not go cakey or looks extra on your face.


We in India, have always had a particular mindset when it came to dressing, actually not only dressing, if we think about it broadly then we are greatly influenced by our cultural beliefs and our traditions and not to forget that India being a secular country with so many religions and states, our food, festivals, language and of course are clothing depend on it. Every state has its own cultural dress that is the pride of it and not only that the habitat and environment plays an important role too. For example, me wearing a short dress in a metropolitan city like Mumbai will not raise eyebrows and me wearing even a pair of jeans in some rural village of Haryana will grab attention of all.

However, Western dresses have always been in the limelight of women and men both. The attraction, sensuality and gorgeousness that western dresses reflect are not equivalent to any form of other women dresses. Take Indian dresses, for example, these are more associated with ethnicity and sophistication, while other eastern are more cultural and traditional which reflect the value system of their roots. Dresses from the west are more refined in terms of their creativity, imagination, newness, and a vogue sense, every time they are manifested on the ramp walks people get more influenced by them. Their originality and artistry are the prime builders of western dresses which have brought it worldwide recognition and acknowledgment.

From the very early ages, when we used to study at schools, we got inveigled by western dresses in one or the other form. From mini dresses to maxi dresses, from floor length gowns to black dresses, all have an influencing effect on our heart and mind. The first impression that western dresses create stay for so long in one’s brain that it keeps on growing with age and time. Be it a man or a woman, both of them continue to strive to dress up in western dresses, especially in black dresses for most of their occasions and events.

Even I remember one of my instances when my mom dressed me up for a school fancy dress competition and she had no idea how to dress me up, she simply made me wear a black dress and asked me to wave my hand in front of the audience and say, “Hi everyone, I have just landed from America and I am so pleased to meet you all”. Gosh!!! I still remember the words, the dress and the attitude that I had (I guess I was in the third grade). I never had an idea at that time that western dresses have got the energy to arouse the audience to applaud for me so loudly, despite the fact that I did not deliver a proper dialogue and the whole costume had no base, and still I was chosen among top 5. Wow!!! I felt like on the seventh heaven. I am sure if the same happens today, if a third standard girl won’t get applauses then she would definitely be proposed by one or two fellow mates, all thanks to black dresses!!! And the funny part was, after the competition when I went back off the stage to change my school uniform, I lost my skirt… Oh!!! That was the terrible part, the whole day I stayed in that black dress in my school and all my co-mates kept on pulling my leg and teased me by saying that I must have left my skirt in America only. God!!! What time was it, so funny and entertaining, that was the first time I fell for the black dresses, as I was getting so much attention from everyone because of my ultimate looks? All thanks to mommy and my lost skirt!!!


The black dresses have gained their popularity for both times of the day, from usual busy daytimes to the romantic evening night times. These are always associated with royalty, affluence, richness, attraction, sensuality, classiness, and much more. It is quite impossible to find someone who does not love to wear black dresses irrespective of the gender, men love to adorn black suitings while women have got their eyes always on little black dresses. Today, I will show you some of the instances that how black dresses grow among both genders with their age, and how it adds the charm to their relationship.


Childhood is the most wonderful time of one’s life, the most worry-free life anyone can ever enjoy. During childhood, a number of times we are supposed to take part in school functions, as fancy dress competitions (as I have narrated my incidence), group dance events which have competed with other schools, and even school parties which are occasionally held for young little futures of the country. Even to a family wedding or events, kids are seen clothed in black dresses as their common staple. On such occasions, black dresses are definitely a part of the costumes for one or the other reason.

A black gown or a floor length dress is used for the girls while complete formal suitings are donned by the little men (Just as in the above pictures). Both are dressed in western attires and showcasing their personality and charm of being the most stunning kids ever. Black is gracing them beautifully and reflects their possible future traits of turning out to be the next heartthrobs of the world.


The young teenagers are the next inspirations to beautify black dresses in their outfits. Prom nights are the most sensational and in-demand events by the teenagers, they love to perform, participate and showcase their alluring personalities at such events. The most important aspect of the prom night is the dress code, and most of the times it is kept as black for men, and red for women, but there are certain instances when the prom nights are specially arranged in black dresses for both the genders.

Prom night, where the boy and the girl are expected to come as a couple, both holding each other’s hands and enter the prom night venue. To get that special moment of holding hands of the lady crush is one and the only option for the boy, for which he pleads the girl and tries to impress her in his utmost best attire. A black formal suiting with a bow tie never proves to be a failure and he gets the lucky chance to befriend with the young lady. The young lady too chooses her perfect little black dress and completes the couple with her divine charm and adorable presence.


When the couple turns 30, the maturity strikes, the feeling of responsibility arises, starts earning their own bread and butter and feels like settling down with someone special forever. But the charm of black dresses never disappear, it continues to grow with them and evolves out as one of the most loyal colors they could ever dream of. The couples plan their evening dates, and under the gray clouds, shining stars they compliment the time by adorning the charming and royal black dresses for their lifetime memories.

The black dresses give them the power to feel connected with them, and watch the longevity of their relationship. It stays with them during their thick and thin times and continues to keep them strong and keep on reminding their never ending love and bond. This is the true charm of black dresses which has stayed with them since their childhood and is still with them until their late 50s.


Nothing feels good except growing old together. Being someone’s last love is beyond perfect, and this is the true essence of a long lasting relationship. Black dresses even justify their role here by adding their grace even in the old ages. When old-aged couples feel like strolling in the park or the local streets holding hand in hand, they love to wear black, when they plan to reunite with their high school and older group then again black dresses come back into existence, while planning to attend a concert or event, then again their best friend is black.

Seasons come and seasons go, patterns change, maybe the length of your dress changes too, no matter what age bracket you fall into, one clothing item that remains constant is a LBD. Black grows with the couple, sees their highs and lows, be a friend to them in all happy and sad occasions yet keeping them close all life long. This is how black dresses are always given importance and stay eternal no matter what.

Shopping western dresses have always been a daily regime for many women, who are either professional or homemakers, as these western dresses are needed by all. Stalkbuylove is such one online shopping website which offers such necessities in varied range and styles for the women to shop. Also, it offers a wide assortment of black dresses for women which they could adorn for various events and occasions in varied length cuts. Try and have a look at such dresses on the website and even through its mobile app, SBL which gives a much easier access.

The Elegance and Beauty of the Saree


Art is a beautiful thing to pursue and to show the world. This is because when looking at art, you’ll already know that what’s behind every art is a lot of skill and passion, it tells a lot more than what you see. Pursuing the art can’t just come from one point or profession, as a matter of fact, there are numerous ways for one to pursue art. May it be in filmmaking, photography, painting, sketching, performance art, fashion and so on and so forth. However, what will be discussed today is the art in fashion.

The Fashion industry is one of the most difficult industries to get in, because everyone gets to be a critic about the clothes you wear or design, which greatly affects your standing in the said industry. There are some times, however, that fashion can be combined with the traditional culture of certain countries, and by doing so, it takes extra skill to make that work. In India, their traditional garments are mostly colorful and aesthetically outstanding, however one must note that the beauty of their garments is not based on color alone as it also takes into consideration the important of simplicity.

Simple and Complexity Combined in the Saree

Sarees are the traditional garments for women in India and the saree is quite simple as it usually uses one long cloth of whatever material they may use. It is simple and complex at the same time because for something as simple as using a cloth for a garment, it represents a whole lot about the Indian culture or the woman’s status in the society. Hence, making the saree even more beautiful.

Materials used for Saree can be almost anything, but if you’re the type who wants to get the more on the smooth kind of thing, then silk sarees are for you.

Crafstvilla and their Line of Sarees made of Silk

Craftsvilla, an online store, has made it easier for buyers to get silk sarees online. They make sure they everything that is available in their page are all done with elegance and grace, therefore giving Indian fashion respect. The prices of these sarees may be a little more expensive than the ordinary ones, but that’s not bad at all because besides the fact that the material used is silk, the way it was put together justifies the price even more. Their most expensive one, named KanganaMorpichSaree, reaches up to 100,000,000 Indian Rupees. This is probably attributed to the fact that this saree is an embroidered, multicoloredBanarasi Silk. When looking at the design, you can see how beautiful it was put together. It must’ve taken a whole lot of skills to make it look that elegant.

If you’re looking for prices lower than that, don’t worry because there are sarees that are made of silk that ranges from 220 Indian Rupees to 120,000 Indian Rupees. Even with a low price compared to the KanganaMorpichSaree, they all still look as elegant and beautiful.