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How to choose the Indian wedding card

The wedding card selection and managing it is a time taking process that you have to concentrate on it before the marriage ceremony, like for example you start the wedding card work a month before the marriage, because if you do it later on then you have to face the circumstances that you are going to mess up with the guests list and at the end time you forgot to invite many of the people due to the shortage of time, there are many things on which you have to concentrate. But some of the main points are as follows:

Choose according to your rituals:

The main and important thing is that you have to keep in mind your religion, culture, rituals and traditions. Because all of the castes have different ways of celebrating the marriage ceremony and the traditions are also different from one another. The wedding cards are easily available according to your wish and requirement, you can easily select the one you need and which represents your religion and norms. Like for example the Indian wedding cards Canada are offering you the wedding cards that are especially designed for the Indian wedding, because Indians have a total different way of celebrating the traditions of marriage, so as their wedding cards are also different from other castes, the main difference is of the language used, there are many languages that exists between the Indian culture. Not only can anyone language represent the Indians. Like for example only can know the meaning of the card written in their language, the south of India speaks different language and the wedding cards are available according to their rituals and also the language.


Choose according to your requirements:

The requirements mean here is that you have to set your budget, according to your need. In mostly Indian wedding the crowd is too big and there are many of them whom you do not even invited; it is the culture of Indian wedding that you have to invite all of them whom you just even know, according to this you have to make the list of the people whom you are going to invite. If the list is of many people then go for the simple and affordable wedding cards like available on Cheap Indian Wedding Cards, they are offering you the wedding cards according to your budget.


The other thing is that if you have a small list of the people and you can afford the luxurious cards then you can go for Indian wedding cards UK that are providing you with the luxurious Indian wedding cards just on your fingertips, the most preferable thing about them is that you can get your desired design anywhere in abroad. Because mostly it is difficult to have the desired Indian traditional cards in abroad, just you have to pick a design and place an order and you will get your desired order on time and without any mistakes.

Dress carefully and flaunt the party

Dressing is among one of the most complicated tasks as you need to keep various things in mind, like you are required to select the dress, accessories and make up etc. In case of wrong combinations, your outlook may be spoiled. Thus, it is advisable to give time before dressing for any of the party or the event.


If you want to look your best in the upcoming event then there are various things that you need to keep in mind. First thing that you need to consider is your body shape, you must select the dress as per your body shape. Remember that every body shape has some assets to enhance and few pitfalls to hide. Thus, focus on enhancing your assets by a perfect dress of your body shape. For example, for Apple body shape fuller skirt and an empire shaped dress is the best choice while for hourglass body shape strapless or the two piece dress is the best choice.

Know the dress for your body shape

You can easily get to know your body shape on web. There are many sites which allow you to calculate your body shape and all you need to do is to feed in few of the measurements of your body correctly. You can easily get the dress for every shape on web at any hour of the day, so you can easily order the dress as and when you need. In addition to this, you can also grab Paytm coupons and make your purchases the cost effective one.

Theme your dress with perfect accessories

Accessories play a major role in enhancing your look. Select the accessories in accordance with your dress and occasion. If you going to wear one piece then a flat clutch is good enough and select the color of your purse in accordance to the color of your dress. You can also opt for purchasing the bags of general colors like black, white etc. which complement the dress of every color. Remember to consider each and every accessory right from your neck piece to the sandal. If, your dress is having heavy neck embroidery then only earrings is the best choice or you can go for a sleek chain. If you want to show off your status then you can opt for extraordinary accessories like diamond embedded purse, jewel embedded dress etc. For a better jewelry tutorial you can visit web page.

Opt for correct make-up

In addition to the dress and accessories, make up also plays a very important role in enhancing your look. Select your make up in accordance to the colors of your dress, or opt for common colors. In addition to this, consider the occasion and the time of the event before applying the makeup. If it is a official day event, then a light day make up is what you need, while in case if you are going to attempt the wedding party at night then a heavy vibrant make up should become your choice. While applying makeup ensure that it does not go cakey or looks extra on your face.


We in India, have always had a particular mindset when it came to dressing, actually not only dressing, if we think about it broadly then we are greatly influenced by our cultural beliefs and our traditions and not to forget that India being a secular country with so many religions and states, our food, festivals, language and of course are clothing depend on it. Every state has its own cultural dress that is the pride of it and not only that the habitat and environment plays an important role too. For example, me wearing a short dress in a metropolitan city like Mumbai will not raise eyebrows and me wearing even a pair of jeans in some rural village of Haryana will grab attention of all.

However, Western dresses have always been in the limelight of women and men both. The attraction, sensuality and gorgeousness that western dresses reflect are not equivalent to any form of other women dresses. Take Indian dresses, for example, these are more associated with ethnicity and sophistication, while other eastern are more cultural and traditional which reflect the value system of their roots. Dresses from the west are more refined in terms of their creativity, imagination, newness, and a vogue sense, every time they are manifested on the ramp walks people get more influenced by them. Their originality and artistry are the prime builders of western dresses which have brought it worldwide recognition and acknowledgment.

From the very early ages, when we used to study at schools, we got inveigled by western dresses in one or the other form. From mini dresses to maxi dresses, from floor length gowns to black dresses, all have an influencing effect on our heart and mind. The first impression that western dresses create stay for so long in one’s brain that it keeps on growing with age and time. Be it a man or a woman, both of them continue to strive to dress up in western dresses, especially in black dresses for most of their occasions and events.

Even I remember one of my instances when my mom dressed me up for a school fancy dress competition and she had no idea how to dress me up, she simply made me wear a black dress and asked me to wave my hand in front of the audience and say, “Hi everyone, I have just landed from America and I am so pleased to meet you all”. Gosh!!! I still remember the words, the dress and the attitude that I had (I guess I was in the third grade). I never had an idea at that time that western dresses have got the energy to arouse the audience to applaud for me so loudly, despite the fact that I did not deliver a proper dialogue and the whole costume had no base, and still I was chosen among top 5. Wow!!! I felt like on the seventh heaven. I am sure if the same happens today, if a third standard girl won’t get applauses then she would definitely be proposed by one or two fellow mates, all thanks to black dresses!!! And the funny part was, after the competition when I went back off the stage to change my school uniform, I lost my skirt… Oh!!! That was the terrible part, the whole day I stayed in that black dress in my school and all my co-mates kept on pulling my leg and teased me by saying that I must have left my skirt in America only. God!!! What time was it, so funny and entertaining, that was the first time I fell for the black dresses, as I was getting so much attention from everyone because of my ultimate looks? All thanks to mommy and my lost skirt!!!


The black dresses have gained their popularity for both times of the day, from usual busy daytimes to the romantic evening night times. These are always associated with royalty, affluence, richness, attraction, sensuality, classiness, and much more. It is quite impossible to find someone who does not love to wear black dresses irrespective of the gender, men love to adorn black suitings while women have got their eyes always on little black dresses. Today, I will show you some of the instances that how black dresses grow among both genders with their age, and how it adds the charm to their relationship.


Childhood is the most wonderful time of one’s life, the most worry-free life anyone can ever enjoy. During childhood, a number of times we are supposed to take part in school functions, as fancy dress competitions (as I have narrated my incidence), group dance events which have competed with other schools, and even school parties which are occasionally held for young little futures of the country. Even to a family wedding or events, kids are seen clothed in black dresses as their common staple. On such occasions, black dresses are definitely a part of the costumes for one or the other reason.

A black gown or a floor length dress is used for the girls while complete formal suitings are donned by the little men (Just as in the above pictures). Both are dressed in western attires and showcasing their personality and charm of being the most stunning kids ever. Black is gracing them beautifully and reflects their possible future traits of turning out to be the next heartthrobs of the world.


The young teenagers are the next inspirations to beautify black dresses in their outfits. Prom nights are the most sensational and in-demand events by the teenagers, they love to perform, participate and showcase their alluring personalities at such events. The most important aspect of the prom night is the dress code, and most of the times it is kept as black for men, and red for women, but there are certain instances when the prom nights are specially arranged in black dresses for both the genders.

Prom night, where the boy and the girl are expected to come as a couple, both holding each other’s hands and enter the prom night venue. To get that special moment of holding hands of the lady crush is one and the only option for the boy, for which he pleads the girl and tries to impress her in his utmost best attire. A black formal suiting with a bow tie never proves to be a failure and he gets the lucky chance to befriend with the young lady. The young lady too chooses her perfect little black dress and completes the couple with her divine charm and adorable presence.


When the couple turns 30, the maturity strikes, the feeling of responsibility arises, starts earning their own bread and butter and feels like settling down with someone special forever. But the charm of black dresses never disappear, it continues to grow with them and evolves out as one of the most loyal colors they could ever dream of. The couples plan their evening dates, and under the gray clouds, shining stars they compliment the time by adorning the charming and royal black dresses for their lifetime memories.

The black dresses give them the power to feel connected with them, and watch the longevity of their relationship. It stays with them during their thick and thin times and continues to keep them strong and keep on reminding their never ending love and bond. This is the true charm of black dresses which has stayed with them since their childhood and is still with them until their late 50s.


Nothing feels good except growing old together. Being someone’s last love is beyond perfect, and this is the true essence of a long lasting relationship. Black dresses even justify their role here by adding their grace even in the old ages. When old-aged couples feel like strolling in the park or the local streets holding hand in hand, they love to wear black, when they plan to reunite with their high school and older group then again black dresses come back into existence, while planning to attend a concert or event, then again their best friend is black.

Seasons come and seasons go, patterns change, maybe the length of your dress changes too, no matter what age bracket you fall into, one clothing item that remains constant is a LBD. Black grows with the couple, sees their highs and lows, be a friend to them in all happy and sad occasions yet keeping them close all life long. This is how black dresses are always given importance and stay eternal no matter what.

Shopping western dresses have always been a daily regime for many women, who are either professional or homemakers, as these western dresses are needed by all. Stalkbuylove is such one online shopping website which offers such necessities in varied range and styles for the women to shop. Also, it offers a wide assortment of black dresses for women which they could adorn for various events and occasions in varied length cuts. Try and have a look at such dresses on the website and even through its mobile app, SBL which gives a much easier access.

Searching For Rare Jewelries- Your Search is Over!

Well, people do not get too many opportunities to purchase unique jewelry pieces in their lives. And there are just very few occasions where your chances of finding the rarest jewelries come up. You could be looking out for the best engagement ring or necklace for your beloved to gift her as an exotic anniversary gift, but you surely don’t want to enter in the same mill stuff. She truly deserves to own something exquisite and marvelous. You cannot find such pieces in the local jewelry store collection. You cannot find the handcrafted designs in the jewelry chain stores. One needs to do a lot of research to find out something rare. Though a little difficult, but the search is worth the effort.

Purchasing jewelry items from the common jewelry showrooms simply means that you’ll end up purchasing a common piece of jewel which is likely to be bought and worn by a lot of people in the world. You can even end up purchasing the same jewelry piece which your colleagues and neighbors are donning. This is due to the simple reason that the showroom orders and purchases designs in wholesale from the workshops and thus, this is how people end up owning similar pieces.

However, if you’re going for a unique design and an exclusive and rare stone jewelry, then you need to look out for the right store. Such stores have nothing in common with the on-going trends as followed by the common jewelry showrooms. These designers carve the individual signature styles which are different and unique from the other. Thus, each piece is one of its kinds. What adds to the entire look of the jewel piece is the inclusion of the rarest gem stones. Each of the stone is unique and is only available for the A-listers. This is where you separate yourself from the common masses. Only a real rare jewelry appraiser can understand the value of buying rare stones. The delicacy, sharpness, uniqueness, extraordinary appearance, exuding luster and the radiating glow of the stone is what that makes its rare. It low availability gives it, it’s much deserved value. Jewelry isn’t something which people purchase every season or every month. You only buy it for special occasions, then why not go for the best.

You should directly deal with the jewelers who produce exotic jewel pieces. This will help you understand the concept of rare stones and rare designs in a better way. Select the ones which suit your taste and style and if needed go for the designs which are exclusively designed just for you. Rare1 is your desired solution if you’re interested in purchasing rare stones or rare jewel piece. The company brings you some of the rarest designs of jewelry decked with rich, rare and unique stone in rich form. See the David Birnbaum images of jewelry collection to check the beauty, craftsmanship and uniqueness of the design. Owning a rare jewelry is certainly one of the most outlandish and extraordinary feeling of the world.


The Elegance and Beauty of the Saree


Art is a beautiful thing to pursue and to show the world. This is because when looking at art, you’ll already know that what’s behind every art is a lot of skill and passion, it tells a lot more than what you see. Pursuing the art can’t just come from one point or profession, as a matter of fact, there are numerous ways for one to pursue art. May it be in filmmaking, photography, painting, sketching, performance art, fashion and so on and so forth. However, what will be discussed today is the art in fashion.

The Fashion industry is one of the most difficult industries to get in, because everyone gets to be a critic about the clothes you wear or design, which greatly affects your standing in the said industry. There are some times, however, that fashion can be combined with the traditional culture of certain countries, and by doing so, it takes extra skill to make that work. In India, their traditional garments are mostly colorful and aesthetically outstanding, however one must note that the beauty of their garments is not based on color alone as it also takes into consideration the important of simplicity.

Simple and Complexity Combined in the Saree

Sarees are the traditional garments for women in India and the saree is quite simple as it usually uses one long cloth of whatever material they may use. It is simple and complex at the same time because for something as simple as using a cloth for a garment, it represents a whole lot about the Indian culture or the woman’s status in the society. Hence, making the saree even more beautiful.

Materials used for Saree can be almost anything, but if you’re the type who wants to get the more on the smooth kind of thing, then silk sarees are for you.

Crafstvilla and their Line of Sarees made of Silk

Craftsvilla, an online store, has made it easier for buyers to get silk sarees online. They make sure they everything that is available in their page are all done with elegance and grace, therefore giving Indian fashion respect. The prices of these sarees may be a little more expensive than the ordinary ones, but that’s not bad at all because besides the fact that the material used is silk, the way it was put together justifies the price even more. Their most expensive one, named KanganaMorpichSaree, reaches up to 100,000,000 Indian Rupees. This is probably attributed to the fact that this saree is an embroidered, multicoloredBanarasi Silk. When looking at the design, you can see how beautiful it was put together. It must’ve taken a whole lot of skills to make it look that elegant.

If you’re looking for prices lower than that, don’t worry because there are sarees that are made of silk that ranges from 220 Indian Rupees to 120,000 Indian Rupees. Even with a low price compared to the KanganaMorpichSaree, they all still look as elegant and beautiful.

Go Ethnic!

download (20)

Fashion clothing is a breakthrough trend owing to the several different kinds of occasions we come across in our daily lives and the variety of different outfits we need for them all. One of the biggest and most enjoyed occasions are all the family functions and weddings of our loved ones.

Ethnic wear brings the authentic Indian feel to the occasion. It need not be a saree alone, these days the ethnic wear section of clothing has grown into different sections and designs, and abof brings to you these recent trends. Online shopping in India has become much more prevalent now! Along with women fashion clothing, new fashion clothes for men are also available. Explore the options at abof.

Kurtis and Salwars

Right from kurta, chudidhar to salwar, patiala. Ethnic tops, bottom and jackets as well to add on oomph factor on those normal days you choose to go ethnic. A kurti is no more a leggings or chudidhar’s best friend. It can be teamed with a palazzo or even a skirt, taking ethnic style up a notch. Comfortable and style can now go hand in hand, with the right fit, design and your choice of material. It is almost like every outfit was custom made for your likings, opening doors to new fashion for women.

Ethnic Brands

Abof brings to you the best of ethnic brands to your finger tips. Akkirti, Aurelia, Ayaan, Biba, Deal Jeans, FabIndia, Global Desi, Go Colors, Ira Soleil, Melande, Span and many more. One can no longer go wrong at functions. Impressing the relatives is made easier with abof. Every outfit is a unique combination of vibrant colours and designs, creating a style statement the moment you put it on. Every clothing from each brand is put under categories – style, sleeve, neck, occasion, length, material and pattern. Find what goes best with your taste and never be disappointed while shopping at abof. Though an online shopping hub, there is no place for glitches.

Ethnic Blended with a Contemporary Look

These days, ethnic wear is also a go to outfit option. Team up a simple tank top with dhoti salwar and rock the summer days with loose fitted yet chic outlook. A long shirt top with a legging to be on the run at ease. So many mix and matches can be made to achieve the right look of the day. Fashion bottoms have so many different varieties – palazzos, patialas, skirts, printed leggings, dhotisalwars. Each of these can be beautifully paired with top or kurti, giving a blast of off beat ethnic look.

Get out there and own the world at every gathering. Ethnic wear brings out the essence of being an Indian and abof puts together the best of the essence. Flaunt the culture and tradition of India with the most vibrant collection of ethnic wear. Your wardrobe just got bigger and better. With 1000 odd styles at disposal, dressing up is so much more fun and colourful. Shop at abof at the most reasonable rates and be assured of the best quality and design.


Receding hairline among women – Play with your hair to avoid the thin hair look

The phenomenon of receding hairline among women is given the name of frontal fibrosing alopecia and is seen as a condition in which the collection of a woman’s hair recedes and in few serious cases up to 5 inches. It usually affects the entire scalp forming a band-like pattern of hair loss. Though this problem is pretty rare among ladies and more common among men, it can eventually happen among women too. Unlike the issue of receding hairline in men, among women it starts when they are teenagers as it is more common among women aged between 30 and 60 years. Although rare, it could even impact the girls who are as young as 19 years of age. Nevertheless, you need not fret as there is some expertstyling tips that you can follow in order to make your hair seem thick and long. Check out some such styling tricks.

  • Make sure you do the right cut: Just as we are aware of the fact that wearing vertical stripes can make you seem taller than your actual height, similarly if you opt for the right haircut, it can make your thin hair look fuller and thicker. If you go for an all-one-length long look with your hair, it will make your hair appear lifeless and flat. Instead, you should try out a layered haircut if you want to add movement to your hair. Bangs work well for baby fine hairs and receding hairline. Make sure you speak to your hair stylish before opting for the final haircut.
  • Play with the right color: Do you think your hair lacks depth? If answered yes, play with the right color. Highlights and lowlights are one of the easiest ways of adding dimension to your hair and transforming the entire look of your hair. Dye your hair with the best color that you think will enhance your personality.
  • Ditch your hair conditioner: When you don thin hair, using heavy hair products is a complete No from the hair stylists. The hair conditioners weigh down your hair, make it look lifeless and you will soon find it impossible to style according to your wish. Instead of ditching your hair conditioner, you can try to swap it for a lighter one. Either use it on the ends of your hair or you can totally ditch it.
  • Follow the blowout commandments: If you’re not happy with your thin hair, there are a few commandments that you should follow. You should dry your hair completely as any left-out moisture can make your hair vulnerable to frizz and it will soon become tougher to manage. Use a round brush and be sure to comb your hair all the way back towards the opposite direction.

Therefore, if you’re worried about your receding hairline, you should follow the above mentioned hair styling tips in order to create the impression of thicker and fuller hair. Get in touch with your favorite hair stylist and ask for recommendations. If all else fails, have no fear…you can always look into the option of a hear weave or hair extensions. There are a few companies in the market today that sell this type of artifical hair, but we’ve found Her Imports hair to be the best. Check out the video below for more information:

Smart Ideas to Reinvent Your Home For The Summers

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Contemporary homes are all about the balance of style and functionality. Indian homes are fast adapting to the amazing ideas of the West, while also retaining many aspects of traditional design. This summer, create a new look for your home, and it doesn’t have to be about big changes as long as you invest in the right home decor accessories. Here are some smart ideas for every home.

Focus on furnishing

While you cannot change the furniture and overall big items in your living room or bedroom, it is very much possible to add a new dimension with furnishings. Look for new curtains, upholstery, table covers and special fabrics with light colours such as yellow, green and orange for a fresh and vibrant feel. The motifs can vary, depending on the look you want to create, starting with floral prints to modern abstract designs. You can also buy affordable home decoration items online at great prices to add more elements to your new theme.

Add traditional items

If you are bored of the modern appeal of your home, all you need is a few traditional touches at the right places. Replace your artefact collection with something as special as handmade candles, hand painted diyas, chandeliers and marble jewellery boxes. You can create special themes with these itemsand simple home decoration products. The best step is to try a fresh look for a single room, so that you can have a practical idea of the theme for the entire house.

Add outdoor décor

As much we love the interiors, many of us do tend to ignore the exteriors of our house. If you check the right online shops, you will find plenty of home decor items designed for the exteriors. From adding a special door hanging to using stencils for the floor, the ideas are varied. Many of the regular indoor wall shelves can be used for the exterior walls to add flower vases and even small potted plants. Those who have an outdoor area for coffeecan even add a few things like a marble chess set to add more dimensions to the exteriors.

Small tips to buy products

Not everyone has the idea of buying home decor products, which calls for a bit of smart shopping. Firstly, do not tend to buy everything together. Creative themes boast of many elements, which are selected in sync with one another. Secondly, when money is a concern, you need to be extra cautious with every single purchase. Online shops are a better choice, given that you can get plenty of offers and discounts from time to time. Make sure that you check for a few things for the right home theme, before finally making a choice.

Finally, if you are keen on reinventing your home in every season, try to shop every month instead of setting a big budget. This will just help in finding more choices as online stores showcase new collections every now and then.


What’s hot and Happening in fashion for women

I remember I promised you last time that I will come up with my next blog for latest online dresses for women which can be styled as per different occasions. So keeping up the promise here I am with my updates on the trendiest outfits or the latest fashion for women to glam up their evening parties, look sophisticated for casual and formal routines, be cool and stylish for their beach vacations and be sensuous and quirky for slumber night outs.

The latest fashion for women has no bars or end. It gets updated daily when I look at the fashion magazines or web portals. The attire which was once a benchmark today has been lost somewhere in those old villages among the old generation. And those which were never expected to be a part of the Fashion industry are dominating the whole market. What changes to what and when is completely unpredictable in this fashionable Era. While learning economics in my school time, I learned a graph called a fashion graph which had a tendency to shoot upwards within no time and fall back steeply after reaching a saturation point. At that time, I never understood it completely and crammed it for the sake of my exams, but today when I am so indulged in this fashion industry I understand how that graph works and why the trend fades away in no time.

Change is the law of nature and so is demanded by all products and services, Fashionable clothes and attires are also not left out of this rule. They also face changes which sometimes are upgraded, but sometimes downgrade the previous versions. With these continuous changes, we tend to adapt ourselves to go with the current flow and keep positioning ourselves in the market, in our respective fields without failing to impress people with our fashion sense for even a single day.

A woman has to encounter multiple occasions on a daily basis from day to night, and each event calls out for a specific attire to make her fit for the same. Dressing in formal shirts and trousers all day from 9-5 cannot be accepted in the late evening party with her colleagues, whereas, a maxi dress may suit her well for a beach day out but won’t serve the purpose of someone’s wedding. Adorning latest dresses or costumes to suit variant occasions is the next big target for a lady after chasing the targets at offices and managing household chores (which definitely we keep at our top priority without showing to our families… Right Gorgeous Ladies?)

Shopping online for various occasions has always confused me as I do not get what to buy for what occasion. I feel like having some suggestions on the same to get a better understanding of the thin-line difference for formal wears and evening parties, for beach wears and casual day out costumes. I was a bit perplexed until I found which has smartly categorized their dress collection on the basis of occasions. The various occasions and dresses categorized by them are as follows:-

  1. The Office: – The office collection at this web portal has everything which a woman needs to dress from top to bottom as per different occasions and styles. It contains tops, shirts, skirts, trousers, blazers, palazzos, dresses and accessories which are well suited for a peculiar office day. From sophistication to elegance from stylish to trendy, from monochrome look to vibrant hues, all are assembled under one heading for an easy convenience for the shopper.


The Monochrome swordfish jumpsuit is one of the best choices to be made for a working day. Jumpsuits are classy, stylish and the most comfortable pieces which one just needs to throw and is all set to go. This jumpsuit can be styled in black and white is a basic formal shade which can be best styled with a white tote bag and black stilettos with an up hair-do to keep you trendy yet  sophisticated.


The Emerald pretty ruffle shirt is one shirt which I love for the colour shade and the ruffle on the front.  A high neck shirt is so decent and smart piece which one can wear with trousers in black or beige or can be teamed up with a pencil skirt. The full sleeves give it a charismatic look leaving no need for any further accessory except for a stylish handbag and pumps.


Lexicon dress has been yet another choice a lady can make while planning for an office schedule. The high neck collared dress is a perfectly decent piece which everyone would admire. Leaving legs below the knees nude can make you look elegant yet swank and would give you a chance to flaunt your ankle boots or pencil heels. A key hole at the back gives it a speechless style and soft material accentuates your curves as it hugs you beautifully.


The Cream love blazer is another piece of garment which suits the office occasion well. The shade is a complete YES for summer and winter season. Be it a maxi dress,  a jumpsuit, a tank, halter or tube top with trousers or skirts it is going to dress up all the ensembles in a dazzling way to make you more confident and professional for the day. Team it up with a classic leather tote which will refine your outlook.


Office wears are incomplete without a formal pant or trouser and this is what Kesha pants  resemble to. Pants are the most suitable and demanded formal wear for a woman who is always in a rush to leave for the office. Made in woven rayon, it is a stylish and comfortable offering fit to all body types which will keep you comfy all day long. Pairing up with shirts, tops, blazers will finish the look in black pumps or stilettos.

  1. Glam Night: – Next occasions where the fight starts a week before are those special glam nights. These can be wedding parties, formal meets like annual functions, a dinner date, a cocktail event or a stage show. All such occasions need glamorous and latest dresses for making the night special for ourselves as well as for the others. We spend huge sums of money for such events and are rewarded the value for money in a few appreciations only, this is what we deck up for and once the goal is accomplished, we feel satiated.


The Taupe swordfish jumpsuit is a chic and classic piece with a bow at the waist which creates a glamorous look in the ensemble for a dinner date, or formal dinner party with colleagues. The soft satin pant is figure flattering accentuating the curves and tall legs, making it a must have. Style it with black high heels and a statement necklace to polish the outlook for the night. One can easily browse through the latest fashion for women before making a choice.

maxi dresses

Apart from the jumpsuit, Deluxe maxi dress is a must watch piece for an evening party with friends and family to sneakily gain all the attention onto you. This navy shade would make you dazzle at the floor with this flowy pattern and sleeveless look with a keyhole at the back. The dress can be added a more some more definition by donning a glittery belt to highlight the sensuous curves. An envelope bag or a shining clutch with hoop earrings will add a refined look to the whole outfit.

  1. Day-Out: – Women is all day busy in her work from office to home, her family, children and hardly gets time for herself. Once a while she gets out to meet her friends or a stroll in the market all alone to feel refreshed and relaxed and breathe fresh air. Then is the time to get casual in her attire, her thoughts, her style and attitude to let go of all the worries and routine and just have fun for a few moments. For such occasions,stalkbuylove has got some casual dresses to be enrobed for funky look.


The Mint Hayden top is a cool blue colour and fabric which is well suited for the summer season with skirts, shorts, and denim for a cool chic look. She can dress it with flip flop gladiators and pearl jewellery to keep the look minimal and classy.


The Floral Vintage dress is a halter skirt which is simply superb for any casual day out to meet friends for lunch or for a shopping day out. It does not need anything to be styled with except for a smart and chic sling bag and some bellies to be ready for the daydangri

Joyce skirt dungarees are a new chic, trendy outfit, which I personally love to dress up for this weekend when I will go out for shopping and outside lunch with my partner. I will style it with a white tube beneath it and pair it up with my flat sandals along with a sling bag in a white shade to complete my ensemble.

  1. Slumber Party: – Listening to the word slumber makes me feel sleepy, but when party word is attached to it, I remember all the fun I have had with my cousins in my childhood days. The games we used to play in the dark nights which were fun as well as horror, the parties we used to have with late night cooking and eating and keeping all the footsteps very quietly, so that elders do not wake up, playing pranks on each other was a great fun which I miss a lot.

Online brands offer a lot of options to choose from the latest fashion for women,  Stalkbuylove has got a nice collection for those slumber events which you can arrange with your friends and family at a weekend.


Chic lace shorts are a cute attire to be worn with camisoles or classic tees for night time, which would not only be comfortable but also stylish to be clothed in. A white tee or a baby pink camisole would best suit it with flip flops for the comfortable walk.

chick 2

The Red stick with me nightwear is a sensuous attire to turn on your partner for a romantic and special night. The georgette fabric gives it smoothness, the frills at the front and back give it a touch of sensuousness and bow at the front, glam it up, which makes it a complete ensemble of its own and can be donned over a sexy pair of intimate apparel.

  1. The Beach: – The last occasion which a woman loves to go at least once in the season of summer is the beach. Planning for a beach date or a camping for a night with friends is a must go once in a lifetime. The various collections offered by the online portal Stalkbuylove selling latest fashion for women for the beach goers are:-

maxi dresses 2

Linaria maxi dress is the first outfit one can wear to a beach. Being white in colour, it gives the serenity which can influence the environment of a beach and be a spaghetti dress is adding to its charm to be worn on a hot sunny day.


Going to a beach without a swimsuit is definitely something which can spoil the complete fun. To keep the thrill and adventure intact, Soiree swimsuit is there to add the fun in your party.

So wearing trendy dresses for variant occasions is no more a problem for  you enjoy the events in the best styles with the collection of

Ways to shop online safely


Online shopping has become the popular trend among the people. Many people are there who love to do the online shopping as it is easy and convenient. You can purchase anything throughthe online store. Whether you are looking for the clothing or for the electronic gadget you can purchase all the things through the online store without any problem. Apart from the shopping online you need to think about the safety while shopping online. These days, cybercrimes are on its peak. In this situation you need to be very careful while doing the shopping online.

Below are the few ways that will help you to do the online shopping safely:

  1. Make sure that you know about the online retailer: Before purchasing anything form the online store you need to make sure that you know the online retailer very well. Millions of websites are available on the internet through which you can do the online shopping. You need to choose that website that you are familiar with. In this way you can do the safe shopping through the internet. This will help you to do the online shopping easily and securely.
  2. Know more about the company: You should know more about the Company so that you can get the fair idea about the particular company and its services. You can search through the internet about the company. When you will be satisfied with the information that are available online then only you should proceed for the online shopping.
  3. Check the reviews of the company: You can even go through the reviews and the feedback of the customer. With the help of the review you will get the fair idea about the service of the company that they offer to their customer. In this way you will be able to experience the safe shopping by sitting at home.
  4. Always choose the cash on delivery payment mode: You need to go through the payment mode of the particular website. Some of the website do not offer the cash on delivery instead they ask for the credit card payment. Avoid these type of the companies as there is risk to give the credit card number for the shopping. Make sure that you choose the website that offers the cash on delivery as well the card payment option foe the customer.
  5. Go through the location that they offer the services: You can also go through the location of their service. If you are looking for the particular product online India then you should make sure that the particular website offers the product in India also like online salwar suits India. In this way you will be able to get the product n corner of the city. In simple words you can say that you should choose that website that offers their product in every corner of country.

These are the few ways through which you can do the online shopping safely and securely. The security is in your hands so use the technology wisely.

Things You Should Know While You Are Shopping Sarees Online

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Saree reflects Indian culture and tradition. It enhances the beauty and grace of a woman. Saree shopping can be hectic and tedious. However, with online shopping portals, now you can easily select and buy the exact saree.

You can buy one according to the occasion. It doesn’t matter where you are at that point of time. With the proper knowledge, you are just a click away of buying the perfect glamorous look. Be it Dusshera or wedding parties, online saree shopping just got easier.

Saree is considered to be a sensual drape. It can give you a complete makeover by enhancing the curves of your body. However, selecting the right type can become very difficult. Let us look at the factors that you must consider while browsing through online designs saree collection.


The fabric determines the fit around the waist and the draping that falls from the shoulders. Fabric can make you look slim or fat. Therefore, be careful while selecting it. Chiffon and georgette works best on heavier bodies.

These fabrics are soft, smooth and will give you a wrapped look. Thus, you will look slim and curvaceous. While skinny and slim women, should go for fabric that will add volume to their figure. Cotton, Organza, Tissue cotton, South cotton and Tussar cotton are good examples.

You can also wear silken cotton sarees. It will make you feel comfortable during warm climate. Buying cotton sarees online can be tricky. It is advised to buy it from reputed websites.


Colour is one of the most important factors while you are purchasing saree online. Most of the women end up buying a wrong colour by following what’s in trend. Fashion and style cannot be copied as we all are different and even our comfort levels are different.

Therefore, it is suggested that you must buy a saree according to your skin colour. Darker colours go well with brown skin tones. Light and dull colours go well with wheatish to fairer skin tones. Mix and match the colour with the blouse and accessories to sport a trendy look.

Mostly, the colours that you are seeing online will vary with the actual colour. This is because most of the online sites touch up on the colours to make it look vibrant. Therefore, you can face some colour difference when you get the delivery.

Print work and material selection

Most of the women miss you on this section. Instead they buy something that feels good to their eyes. Do you know that print works can make you taller or shorter? Yes, therefore be selective while buying. Large borders and large prints is a strict no for shorter women. Smaller prints give an illusion of good height. However, taller people can go for big prints, borders and blocks.


Lastly, you should always check if you are getting a blouse material along with the saree. Most of the online designer sarees don’t give blouse material. This is because an opposite look creates a good fashion statement. Still, according to your needs, you should read the description before placing your order.